IRB Rugby World Cup Pacific Zone Qualifying 1998-1999

IRB Rugby World Cup 1999 Logo [References: 2]

Round C Table

RWC Pacific Zone Qualifying 1999 Round CPWDLPFPAPts
Australia (Q) 3300165339
Fiji (Q)320178996
Western Samoa (Q)310259713
[References: 2]

Round C Results

Home TeamAway Team
Western Samoa28Tonga20
Fiji26Western Samoa18
Australia25Western Samoa13
[References: 2]

Round B Table

RWC Pacific Zone Qualifying Round BPWDLPFPAPts
Fiji (P)220073176
Tonga (P)210178324
Cook Islands2002191210
[References: 2]

Round B Results

Home TeamAway Team
Cook Islands7Fiji53
Tonga68Cook Islands12
[References: 2]

Round A Table

RWC Pacific Zone Qualifying 1999 Round APWDLPFPAPts
Cook Islands (P)220062196
Papua New Guinea2101111284
[References: 2]

Round A Results

Home TeamAway Team
Cook Islands22Papua New Guinea19
Papua New Guinea92Tahiti6
Tahiti0Cook Islands40
[References: 2]

Entrants and Byes To Rounds

CountryBye To Round
AustraliaRound C
Western SamoaRound C
FijiRound B
TongaRound B
Cook IslandsRound A
Papua New GuineaRound A
TahitiRound A
[References: 2]


Australia, Fiji and Westen Samoa qualified for the 1999 Rugby World Cup from the Pacific Zone Qualifying Tournaments, with Tonga Qualifying for the Repechage. The Pacific Zone began with Cook Islands progressing from Round A ahead of Papua New Guinea and Tahiti. Round B was straightforward with the seeded teams Fiji and Tonga progessing at the expense of Cook islands. The Final Qualifying Round saw Australia gain big wins over Fiji and Tonga, but struggle against Western Samoa, only winning 25-13. They qualified along with Fiji who had a shock win over Western Samoa to finish second and the Samoans who took the third qualifying spot with a 28-20 victory over Tonga.



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